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CR-M4101 Main Controller


  • The host itself can provide system accessing for up to
    128 contribution units and can be expanded to 4096 at the most.
  • Supports 5 interpreter units and achieves 6 languages simultaneously
    interpretation at the same time including the original one.
  • Equipped with audio-in connector, it is able to have background music.
  • Equipped with enough audio-out connectors, it is able
    to output the audio signal to different audio devices.
  • The activity microphones can be limited in different numbers
    according to requirements.
  • FIFO mode can automatically control the active microphones.
  • Built-in equalizer can adjust and balance the audio signals
    as well as restrain the howling for excellent audio quality.
  • Cooperating with the central control system, it becomes
    a powerful conference controller and achieves the super function
    of camera auto-tracking.
  • Has and APPLY and FREE mode


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