Primetech Network System Corporation

Applications run your business. And with the increasing diversity and complexity of applications, devices, and users and an ever-expanding attack surface, you can feel like you’re in the midst of a perfect storm.

The way to turn this moment into an opportunity is with a solution that harnesses the constantly changing nature of today’s demands. A solution that captures the intent of all your users and applications and that interprets the context of every application transaction, user experience, and infrastructure use. One that constantly learns, adapts, and protects.

Welcome to the Cisco® Data Center.

Discover the difference.

Constantly Learning

The intent-based data center constantly monitors your network, applications, user behavior, and policy compliance. It looks for trends, changes, and anomalies wherever your workload resides.

Analytics, insights, and networkwide telemetry help turn the constant flow of data into information your network can use.

Constantly adapting

By using integrated analytics and open programmable interfaces, this data center optimizes infrastructure and adapts to the intent of users and applications.

Automation, optimization, and simplification of infrastructure make sure the data center can quickly change.

Constantly Protecting

Today’s multi-tenant environments demand that you be able to troubleshoot, isolate, segment, conduct forensic modeling, and ensure compliance. That’s the way your data center constantly protects itself.

This data center uses multi-layer apps, data, user security, threat intelligence collection, and analytics to keep attackers guessing.

Avaya is a recognized innovator and leading global provider of solutions for customer and team engagement. The company provides technologies for unified communications and collaboration, contact center and customer experience management, and networking, along with related services to large enterprises, midmarket companies, small businesses and government organizations around the world.

Every Experience Matters

Avaya OneCloud: Cloud Your Way

A simple, flexible cloud platform that scales to meet the needs of business of all sizes. With our standardized global delivery in private, public, and hybrid platforms, you can take advantage of leading workplace and contact center solutions.

Happy Customers are Loyal Customers

Why simply satisfy your customers when you can thoroughly impress them? Create experiences that make a lasting impact across social, email, phone calls, or whatever channel your customers prefer.

It’s All About the Team-Up

You’ve heard the expression one plus one equals three. Empower your employees to collaborate in business the same way they do personally and see the benefits to your bottom line.

Transform How You Transform

Digital transformation. Everyone’s doing it. But is everyone doing it right? Partner with us to realize your potential.