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1408 Digital Deskphone

Designed for cubicle workers, sales staff, and other users with relatively simple telephone needs, the 1408 office phone system delivers a straightforward, productivity enhancing interface.

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Color: Black
Handset with 9 foot cord
Stand: Dual position flip
Wall mountable
Graphical Display size: rows x pixels 181 x 40 pixels
# rows x characters (approximate): ~ 3 x 26
# Chinese characters (12×12 pixels per character): 3 x 14
Permanently labelled feature buttons: Speaker, Mute, Volume, Avaya Menu, Hold, Conference, Transfer, Drop, Redial
Permanently labelled feature buttons: Headset, Phone, Call Log, Contacts, Voicemail Message
Permanently labelled Navigation Cluster (Up/Down, Left/Right, OK)
Message Waiting Indicator
Administrable Buttons: 8
Contextual softkey buttons: 3
Headset supported
2 way speakerphones
2 wired line interface
Call Control Protocol: DCP



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